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Inappropriate Wednesday is here!

And this is a pregnant actress in s sex scene, shirtless, and bra-less, with just another actor:..NOT!!!….All that trail of life-giving saliva is all the proof that we’re dealing with Mr. & Mrs.,…hehehe…. PRAISE!!!! Terry!!!

The TRUTH and the gifs, a wonderful combination. :D




Inappropriate Wednesday is here!



And this is a pregnant actress in s sex scene, shirtless, and bra-less, with just another actor:..NOT!!!….All that trail of life-giving saliva is all the proof that we’re dealing with Mr. & Mrs.,…hehehe…. PRAISE!!!! Terry!!!

The TRUTH and the gifs, a wonderful combination. :D

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You Can Predict The Season Finale Based On The Season Premiere





Season one - Started with Quinn Perkins, nobody understood why Olivia wanted Harrison to recruit her. It then ended with the question who is Quinn Perkins?

Season Two - Starts off with David losing his big case spectacularly, ends with David being the hero

Season Three -…

Let’s not forget the premiere also included Fitz declaring war on Mellie and ended with them no closer to divorce.

Season 2 starts with Fitz wanting Mellie’s ornamental a** out of his office, ends with him crawling back to her on bended knee no less. Ugh.

Dayuuum….that predictable??? High school level writing!!….#SorryNotSorry


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ET went to the White House Easter Egg Roll, and asked Michelle Obama what she thought of the Scandal season 3 finale. "Oh gosh. It was pretty intense,” Mrs. Obama said. “You know, I just started following Scandal this year, so now of course I’m hooked. But, you know, I don’t know what to say. I mean you don’t know what to – how do you react to that? It’s just nuts.”

Kudos to Mrs. Obama for valiantly trying to remain polite and respectful, when she really wanted to say the finale was a sky high pile of stinking bull dung. She couldn’t even say “I love Kerry Washington” and it was “fun to watch” this time, which was her PC terms of choice last time she was asked about Scandal on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. I bet she’s sorry she ever publicly admitted she watches this show.

[Direct link to ET video here. Relevant part starts at 1.16]

I didn’t hear a compliment or praise of any kind. Yeah, I would agree that she may be sorry for publicly admitting to watching the show. I’m sorry for myself and her.

On the diplomacy there..

"It was shit" is my translation of her answer

😏😏 at Scandal’s #fail

Clearly she left as the rest of us did.

Yup. She did, from her answer she did. I bet next time they ask it will start being ” I have it recorded but need to catch up!” And then soon, nothing lol

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Wet shirtless Momoa - last one I’ll post…. for now.

Also - a big shoutout to Tamara Tunie - she’s been around forever and works her ass off.  She filmed this in between her SVU scenes flying back and forth from NYC to Atlanta. 

Who else remembers her from As the World Turns when she was married to Duncan and they had that cute swirly baby back before swirly babies were cool?

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But why is Fitz’s vindication as a good guy predicated upon his reaction to Mellie’s rape??? So essentially he is worst guy for loving Olivia and committing adultery in the process? But in this scenario he has lost a child continues to stay in the marriage out of guilt/obligation or whatever else while he is really in love with someone else.. and both he and Mellie continue to do their whole pretending is what’s real stchick that they’ve been doing for a long time now so nothing’s really changed. But I guess they are all monsters who don’t deserve any of their desires coming to pass so I shouldn’t be too surprised about that. Misery is what the Scandalverse does best!

It’s funny how in all the discussions of the racial implications of the show, we somehow never talk about the fact that Olivia is a black woman who essentially sacrifices her life and happiness for the republic as this ‘abstract’ ideal that doesn’t even benefit her all that much comparatively speaking… and instead of attempting to grapple with her pain, the fact that her entire life is falling apart , we have been treated to lots and lots of exposition on the Grant Marriage that really doesn’t have all that much to do with her. Talk about art imitating life. Even your three point summation had to include episode 307 when really there is nothing about Mellie as a character that was formative to who and what Olivia is. The notion of Olivia as an idea, rather than a person is interesting but also disheartening because it just reflects how under-explored her humanity has been this entire season.

And can we talk about the fact that Jake isn’t just any bad guy? He is also the person who choked her because he was angry about being betrayed, but we didn’t see any followup or reaction for that? But I guess Olivia isn’t human so that’s ok…

A commenter over at The AV Club review of Scandal season three finale, The Price of Free and Fair Election.

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No one with a good brain is understanding this shit!!!!….Even Flotus was at a loss of words….SMH

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I’ll actually buy this issue. Lupita tops People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people. And rightfully so. I mean just look at her, he smile, her personality, her presence, her skin…just everything.

first time in EVER that i agree with People’s Most Beautiful choice.

She makes Kenya soooooo proud! All the little Kenyan girls and really all little girls will see themselves in her. Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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you know what i dig about sleepy hollow

abbie mills is legit everyone’s first priority like we gotta 200 year old white dude crawlin out of the ground and his first baby words are LEFTENANT and then u got hot man police ex boyfriend all like ABBIE and then you got zombie john cho being all like IM A ZOMBIE BUT ALSO A B B I E

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I’ve never watched Scandal but from what I see on my dash every day it looks like Tony and Kerry’s characters only have sex all the time

ACTUALLY there is more depth to it. Scandal is a spy show, a revenge show, an as the world turns show, a slut shaming show, a…

"A nasty licking nasty folks show!" Lol.

That licking shit still gives me nightmares.
So unsexy

Still better than Huck hitting it from behind in 318. I’m forever scarred!